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There are so many mortgage choices. Why use us?

To us, you aren't just a number. You are a brother or sister in arms... someone we'll get to know on a first name basis. Being military ourselves, we understand you better than anyone sitting in a cubicle ever could.

A VA home loan is not some free thing or gift from the government... You've earned it!

- Marshall Sparkman -

Thinking About A VA Loan?

We have experience with just about any situation you can imagine. Here are some of our specialties.

Credit Score This actually varies from lender to lender. We are more concerned with your payment history and how much you make vs how much you owe in monthly bills. 

Life Happens We get it. Sometimes there is more month than money. Sometimes an expensive surprise comes along. Your credit and payment history don't have to be perfect. Give us a shout and we can work with you to get you into your very own house!

National Guard or Reserves If you've spent 6 years in the Guard or Reserves, you qualify for a VA Loan!.

Spouses If your spouse died in the line of duty or as a result of a service related disability, you qualify for a VA loan.

Who does VALoansTN help?

Here's what a couple of our amazing clients have said.

"Marshall truly had our best interest at heart. We could tell we were not just another number to him. He went above and beyond and had a huge impact on our family."

J. Perry - Sales

"Marshall Sparkman is the best in the business. He helped my family achieve a dream we have had for some time. He helped us get our credit straightened out to get where we needed to be. We cant thank his team enough!"

J. Buch - Sgt. USMC

The VALoansTN story: Hi, I'm Marshall!

Tennessee, born and raised! USAF Combat Veteran serving in the Middle East. Marshall is also founder and author of Equipping Troops Financially, an organization dedicated to educating troops and veterans on their personal finances. In his spare time, Marshall loves woodworking, hiking, caving, guns, and volunteering in the homeless community.

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